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Desi Tri coaching is a month to month coaching service in India for beginner, intermediate and advanced triathletes.

We offer training plans for marathon, half marathon, and triathlon.

Our training plans are unique and have competitive pricing in the Indian market, get in touch now for additional details.

Train with an Ironman Certified coach

One of the few in India.

Month to Month, No contracts

We will not bind you in contracts.

Customized Nutrition Plan

Race specific nutrition and guidelines.

No hidden fees and no hidden clauses

You get what you choose to pay for.

Training Plans

We offer unique training plans that are customized for each individual and are planned by taking care of his/her goals. We have individuals training with us from all over India who have shown considerable improvement in their respective running/ cycling/ triathlon goals by sticking to our training plan religiously

We have no gimmicks and have 3 flat training plans.

Triathlon training plan

Training Plans are written based on your goal (Half Ironman , Ironman etc)
Weekly evaluation of workouts by coach via TrainingPeaks.
Price: Rs 4000/Month (Includes TrainingPeaks Premium version)

Running plan

Run Plans are written based on your goal (5k, Half marathon, marathon etc)
Weekly evaluation of workouts by coach via TrainingPeaks.
Price: Rs 2500/Month (Includes TrainingPeaks Premium version)

Cycling Plan

Cycling Plans are written based on your goal (Individual Time trial, Criterium etc).
Weekly evaluation of workouts by coach via TrainingPeaks.
Price: Rs 2500/Month (Includes TrainingPeaks Premium version)

Training Philosophy

customize by Delwar Hossain from the Noun Project


Plans are tailored to your needs.

empathy by Becris from the Noun Project


The first step is always the hardest.

Data by Thuy Nguyen from the Noun Project

Data Driven

We use TRAININGPEAKS to deliver the plans.

We create custom training plans (triathlon/running/cycling) tailored to your needs and goals. These customized workouts are written based on your lifestyle, so you can maintain a work-life balance and still achieve your athletic goals. We will help you develop a nutrition plan and provide you pacing guidelines for the race as well.


Why train with us?
How are the training plans delivered?
How can you help me improve my swimming skills?
What is expected from the athlete?
Should I know how to swim?
Do I need a power meter?
Will you provide nutriton guidelines?
Do I need a Garmin watch/GPS enabled watch for training?
How much does it cost ?
I'm not sure what equipment do I need ?

About our coach

Our coach was a chain smoker who struggled to run a 5k in 2012 but has come a long way since then. He has now successfully completed an IRONMAN, a marathon, half a dozen half IRONMAN and half IRON distance races and a dozen half marathons. He also broke an arm 10 weeks before his first IRONMAN race, but as they say, "Where there is a will there is a way".

Once the cast came off, he got back into shape in less than 4 weeks and completed IRONMAN Louisville 2016 in 12:32:23 and was the fastest Indian in Lousiville 2016. Over the last 7 years he has had the privilege of training with some really fast runners and triathletes from all over the world. Our coach then worked on becoming an Ironman Certified Coach and now wants to give back to the community and help Triathletes in India by sharing what he has learnt over the last 7 years. He is always trying to keep himself upto date with training methodologies and is looking to take his athletes to the "next level".

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